About Dr. Anne Dempsey

Dr Anne Dempsey BSc, MSc, DPT is a Co Wexford physiotherapist, who graduated from Trinity College in 1990. She deals with all types of pain, stiffness and dysfunction in adults and children/babies. While working in the U.S.A., Dr. Anne Dempsey received her Masters degree and Clinical Doctorate in Physiotherapy from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professionals, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. She has extensively studied holistic manual therapy techniques and has been an instructor for these therapies to fellow health professionals in the U.S.A. & Ireland.

Why Dr. Anne?

  • Specialist in pain relief and restoring movement
  • 30+ years experience in hands-on physiotherapy
  • Clinical Doctorate in physiotherapy
  • Instructor in holistic manual therapy approaches


My aim is to always treat the UNDERLYING CAUSES of each individual's symptoms, to restore the individual to OPTIMUM health and function.

While my treatment approaches always have a definite principle focus on assisting to relieve physical symptoms and facilitating people in attaining optimum function, they also address emotional/mental issues, (by helping to release the strain patterns they cause), in order to treat the individual as a whole, so as to facilitate the body to heal issues, on any level, that are causing or contributing to an individual's symptoms/disease process/ areas of sub-optimal function.

THERAPEUTIC EXERCISES aimed at improving FLEXIBILITY/STRENGTH (core, legs/arms/spinal musculature)/ENDURANCE/BALANCE/PROPRIOCEPTION but ultimately FUNCTION and QUALITY OF LIFE are also a main focus of treatments. Biomechanical assessment and where appropriate assessment/prescription for orthotics/insoles is a service provided.


The manual therapy approaches I utilise in my practice, are predominantly gentle hands on approaches, that work with/facilitate/allow the body's own natural healing mechanisms to operate, (that every individual is born with and has access to, given the right environment).