Stroke/Head Injury Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy after a stroke or head injury is crucial to regaining your optimal function. Effective physiotherapy intervention will help reduce spasticity, build stability of the core/pelvis/upper and lower limbs, increase strength, improve balance and co-ordination.

Soon after graduating I worked in a rehab facility and an acute hospital with a  speciality in working with people who had suffered strokes/head injuries and other neurological conditions. While working at these facilities I served as secretary of the Irish Association of Chartered Physiotherapists with a special interest in Neurology and Gerontology. While serving as secretary of this group, I was the main organiser and a student of neuro rehab courses for physiotherapists including the adult Bobath hemiplegic 3-week course.

I continued treating people who had suffered a stroke when I moved to Boston in an acute hospital and subsequently worked as the neuro senior physiotherapist in a rehab hospital before I transitioned to working in a private practice that worked with all types of outpatient issues. I served as a teaching assistant for neurological rehab to students at North Eastern University, Boston. I continued taking continuing education courses for treating people with neurological injuries.

Since returning to Ireland in 2003 I have worked for myself in private practice and working with people who have suffered a stroke is a small part of my practice, which I still very much enjoy.